Connect Bude Update – exciting developments

When Bude had a station – halcyon days! Photo courtesy of Ray Boyd

Although I was not at the meeting, I received minutes from the Connect Bude group’s recent meeting, which contained exciting news about the Okehampton Line Development Plan. It seems Great Western Railway are working with the Dept of Transport and local stakeholder groups on a plan to re-introduce passenger services to and from Exeter St David’s, initially at 2 hourly intervals. How amazing is that?

There are a few issues:
– Communication and signalling issues need to be resolved.
– The new service will run into Okehampton Town Station in the first instance.
– A Parkway station will be built east of Okehampton once funding becomes

However, the new service should be introduced in late 2019 or early 2020. There will be 8 trains per day with the first arriving in Exeter in time for work, college/university.

Brilliantly, for the first time since 1972, when the line closed, passengers will be able to travel from Okehampton to London Paddington, returning on the 1803 from Paddington to connect with the last service to Okehampton at 2040.

Look out for Connect Bude on a membership drive in Bude on Mon 27 Aug Lifeboat Day.


  • Jan Goffey says:

    However, for the trial to be successful the new parkway halt MUST be built first. The town station is no longer easily accessible for most of the town, especially from the new estates, which are built beside the parkway site!

  • Catherine and Colin Payne says:

    I just wish to congratulate and thank all those concerned with Connect Bude. My husband and I have been members for several months now but unfortunately have missed the meetings as we could find no notification of them in advance, please advise as we would like to attend the next one. Thank you.

    Regards Catherine and Colin PCatherine and Colin ayne.

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