Connect Bude AGM – all welcome

The 2nd Annual General Meeting of Connect Bude to be held at The Falcon Hotel on Saturday 27 October 2018 from 11.00 to 12.00, for members, supporters and members of the public.

There will be a report on progress made since the first AGM held last year and afterwards questions from the floor plus, hopefully, recruiting new members. People wishing to become Individual Members (£10 per person), Business Members (£20 per business) and Supporters (£Free) can do so at the meeting or via e-mail to

Key objectives are:

  1. To campaign to reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Rail Network, initially via Okehampton.
  2. To promote an improved Rail service between Okehampton and Exeter and beyond.
  3. To ensure the trackbed of the former railway is protected against further development.
  4. To garner the widespread community support of individuals, elected representatives and businesses, in order to achieve the first three objectives

Connect Bude is supporting colleagues in Okehampton in their drive to reinstate a daily service from Okehampton to Exeter. To this end, a very successful Sunday Service was run this year from 20 May to 09 September. This daily service will happen either late 2019 or early 2020. With other lines reopening and feasibility studies being funded across the country, the time is right to build the membership of Connect Bude, allowing a major campaign to reconnect Bude and Holsworthy to the National Railway Network.

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