Confused of Crackington over dog ban

Ignoring the rogue apostrophe which isn’t needed but which someone like me struggles to see past, the Parish Council at Crackington says that the beach there is privately owned by the Parish Council and that Cornwall Council have no jurisdiction over it.

Therefore, they chose to not allow dogs on the beach from Easter Day to 30th September (despite the fact that there should currently be no tourists there, anyway). They are not happy about Cornwall Council’s relaxation of the dog ban and, therefore, have made their own rules, so technically today is the last day of doggy heaven at Crackington beach.

Are they right? Cornwall Council says the dog ban is thus:

Crackington Haven, Bude  15 May – 30 September 10am – 6pm


Public Space Protection Orders have been introduced which restrict dogs from certain areas during certain times and dates, which Cornwall Council has the capacity to enforce.


Meanwhile, Bude Area Community Network says on Facebook:

To clarify confusion over the dog ban on Crackington Haven Beach 👇

Cornwall Council is the enforcement authority for Crackington Haven beach.

We introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which creates a criminal offence to take a dog on the dog beach from 15th May to the 30th September, between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm.

The restrictions have been put in place following a statutory consultation process. The new restrictions, which are designed to address issues of nuisances caused by dogs, work alongside existing legislation that makes it an offence to allow a dog to foul in a public place and also dangerous dog legislation which is enforced by the police (the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991) – both pieces of legislation are enforceable 24/7. We recommend that dogs are kept on leads at the moment to help with social distancing requirements

The new restrictions can be enforced by Cornwall Council and Town/Parish Councils. Cornwall Council will be working in partnership with St Gennys Parish Council to enforce the new restrictions. PSPOs run for a maximum time period of 3 years, after which that has to be renewed following a consultation process.

Cornwall Council has however committed to review the current seasonal restrictions for dogs on beaches in Cornwall following the summer period. It is currently proposed that a report will be presented to councillors in November this year regarding the issue and Parish Councils will have further opportunity to comment on restrictions moving forward.

So, my understanding is: no dogs on beaches between 10 am – 6 pm at Crackington (despite the current pandemic). To contravene this means enforcement can be carried out by Cornwall Council or the Parish Council of St Gennys up to and including 30th September.

Hopefully, by the time of next year’s dog ban, Cornwall Council and the Parish Council will have communicated and got their act together.

Crackington Haven

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