Concern over Polling Stations for Flexbury and Poughill By-Election

This was submitted yesterday:

As a candidate in the Flexbury and Poughill By-Election on Thursday 27th June, I have received correspondence from Cornwall Council saying that there will be two polling stations: one in Poughill as well as the publicised one in the

If this is true, it means that the Town Council may have inadvertently misled voters.

It also means that it will be almost impossible for voters to know what polling stations they should attend because the Town Council has chosen not to send out polling cards with their Electoral Registration numbers on.

Either the Town Council, or Cornwall Council, has made a mistake.

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  • Robert Uhlig says:

    Having spoken to a lot of voters in Flexbury and Poughill over the last few weeks, this decision is probably a good thing. Most Poughill residents assumed they’d be voting at Poughill Village Hall as usual and some questioned why they’d have to go into Bude to vote – so they’ll be pleased with this outcome. And in Flexbury, most thought they’d be voting at the Parkhouse Centre, which is still the case, so again their assumption was correct.

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