Computer fix – how IT Rob kept Bude & Beyond going …

To put the hours in needed to maintain Bude & Beyond (and do other things to actually earn a living) I need a functional computer.

My frustration was growing enormously during lockdown when I realised that I had failed to take the opportunity to get my aged (2011) but beloved iMac ‘fixed’. I’d had various expenses like car insurance and decided my computer could wait a little longer.


The spinning wheel of death was growing more and more frequent, and taking longer and longer to stop spinning as it tried to process information.

Then lockdown happened – and the problem intensified. I would sit at my desk cursing and muttering, get up and make a cuppa while waiting for stuff to load, and generally feeling out of sorts with it all. I stopped getting up early to work on Bude & Beyond, going for walks instead, as I needed fresh air before ‘tackling’ the computer.

I am one of those people who is happy if things work well and efficiently, and miserable if they don’t.

Eventually, as restrictions were lifted, I was able to drop my computer off with Rob Wilcox (or IT Rob, as I call him). He’d told me what bits of new hardware I needed which included a new drive, and some additional memory (you’d have to ask him the techie stuff) and reckoned he could fix it.

Ah, someone who knows how to repair a Mac, and who can reinstall things without going crazy. For the first time in 9 years, I had to spend £126 on my computer’s new hardware, and it now feels like a new machine, except (wonders) it still has all my old stuff on it!

I can highly recommend Rob’s cool, calm and very reasonable service. At a time when I knew I could not afford a new iMac and was thinking that Bude & Beyond may well have to go, he, without any fuss, got my machine up and running again, swiftly with no nonsense. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him flustered.

It now works like a dream again and I am one happy customer. I dropped it off one afternoon and collected it the next. Brilliant service.

You can contact Rob via his Stratton IT website here. If you have IT problems such as:

  • Slow broadband
  • Slow Wifi
  • Laptop/Desktop is ‘getting a bit old’
  • Connecting things together, like Alexa, or storing photos in the cloud (for when your device decides to really stop working)
  • Website design
  • Social media help in order to promote your art or craft

… he’s your man.

Rob offers no nonsense advice and help at a very reasonable price.

As you all know, he volunteers his time to keep Bude & Beyond running smoothly, so also a huge thank you to him for that. That community focus and desire to help people’s IT work for them is at the heart of his work ethos, and on this occasion, it is no exaggeration to say he saved Bude & Beyond.


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