Collision A39/King’s Hill Junction

Fire service

Fire service

Emergency services received a call this morning stating that a lorry and a car had been in a collision at the junction of the A39 and King’s Hill, Bude. One fire appliance from Bude was mobilised at around 10.50.

On arrival, the crew proceeded to make the vehicles and scene safe.

One casualty was treated by Fire & Rescue personnel until the arrival of ambulance services.

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  • Avatar Davey says:

    Tis a dangerous junction owing to oncoming traffic that can legally run at 60 mph. Not very far away was the site of a very nasty accident involving a Scania articulated lorry and a farm tractor with a trailer. Allegedly the farmer had employed a Polish farm worker in order to save money but when pulling-out onto the A39 the Polish tractor driver looked the wrong way! The impact broke the tractor in two. Not much money saved then?

    It truly is amazing what can happen in everyday life. Take the straying mad cow that holiday-makers had herded into a field with an open gate (the wrong field) Eventually the cow decided that it wanted to be in the same field as its friends so it jumped the five-bar-gate!

    A man from Crackington Haven was driving towards Bude when the mad cow jumped in front of his Volvo 240. BANG! The cow went up in the air then came back down and landed on the car bonnet. It was dead and the Volvo was somewhat battered although it would still drive.

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