Cold weather conditions continue until Wednesday

The Met Office has forecast that current cold weather conditions affecting Southwest England will continue until 9 am Wednesday 22 January.

Dr Ishani Kar-Purkayastha, Consultant in Public Health at Public Health England, said:

People with heart and lung conditions, older people and the very young are at risk of becoming unwell during cold weather. At this time, it’s really important to keep a look out for friends and family who might be affected.

Below 18 degrees, the risk of strokes, heart attacks and chest infections increases, so heating homes to at least this temperature is important to stay well.

Paul Gundersen, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office said:

High pressure across England means the cold but sunny weather will continue for the southern half of England throughout the first half of the week with overnight frost and fog in places. However, it will be cloudier further north and therefore not as cold for many.

To check weather forecast updates visit the Met Office website or app.

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