Coins to be accepted at North Devon car parks

With the majority of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants opening up on 4 July and the relaxation of the two metre social distancing rule, North Devon Council car parks will start to accept coins again from this Saturday. However, the council is still strongly advising people to use the contactless methods available to help prevent transmission of Coronavirus.

Contactless payment via the RingGo system is still the safest option to use, with contactless payment cards also reducing the risk. Cash should be used as a last resort. Anyone touching the machines is asked to use hand sanitiser or wipes before and after using them to keep themselves and others safe.

Charges resumed in town centre car parks on 15 June when non-essential shops were allowed to open, to ensure short stay car parking spaces were available to shoppers and encourage people who park all day to return to the cheaper long stay car parks.

Council Leader Cllr David Worden says: “With life returning back to some sort of normality and government guidelines slowly relaxing, we are able to review some of the things we put in place and return to normal ourselves. However, we mustn’t forget that the virus is still out there, is still highly contagious and is deadly. So to protect yourselves and others, please continue to use our cashless options if you can.”

RingGo is the safest method to use as it is completely contactless and you don’t need to go to a machine to pay. You can pay via an app, online, via telephone or text. There is no charge for using the service. For more information on how to use RingGo, visit the NDC website.

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