Coffee loyalty – but what about chocolate lovers?

Now in the grand scheme of things, I realise this is not terribly important to most people! Compared to Brexit, natural disasters, plastics and poverty, this is very minor, but it is a niggle, so I’d love some sensible answers.

I often meet up with friends or contacts in Bude for a ‘coffee’, except I don’t have coffee, I have hot chocolate.

Lots of cafes offer loyalty cards – but only for coffee! Why? Hot chocolate tends to cost just as much as coffee, but if I buy a coffee and a hot chocolate, I only get a stamp for the coffee. So, what’s the difference?

Not wishing to harp on about it, but it gets my goat slightly that coffee-drinking friends get a freebie after every 6-8 purchases and I don’t! I understand with tea because it is a much cheaper drink.

Answers very welcome!

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