Coastguard report on yesterday evening’s search

From Bude Coastguard:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 17:59 yesterday evening (October 28th) by Falmouth Coastguard Operations Centre, following the report of an adult male walking into the sea at Summerleaze Beach.


Once the Rescue Team had met at the RV outside Life’s a Beach restaurant, two search teams were formed, with all Rescue Officers wearing either water rescue jackets or lifejackets, with one team searching the foreshore and tideline on Summerleaze Beach, and the other searching from the cliffs towards Crooklets Beach.


Facing extremely challenging conditions and a heavily surging sea, the first team performed a thorough search of the beach, tideline and part of the river, which itself was seeing surging tidal flows of up to 5ft in height. Once this area had been covered, the team made their way out to the Breakwater, checking the surrounding rocks and inlets, with no sign of anyone found.

As the search teams were returning to the Rescue Vehicle for further search instructions, officers from Devon & Cornwall Police arrived on scene, liaising with the Coastguard Officer-in-Charge.


Taking over command of the incident, Devon & Cornwall Police then decided to call in further help. Bude Fire Brigade were subsequently paged, with a request to attend the incident with their mobile FLIR imaging equipment (FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared, and is a thermographic imaging camera that senses infrared radiation).


Through the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre, the police also requested the attendance of Rescue 924, the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter based at St Mawgan, which itself has a powerful FLIR camera, night vision capabilities, and high illumination lighting technology. Meanwhile, HM Coastguard’s regional Coastal Operations Area Commander was also making his way to the incident.


Whilst awaiting the arrival of further emergency responders, the Rescue Team performed further searches in and around Bude Sea Pool, and across the rocks and base of the cliffs towards Crooklets Beach, before again returning to the command point.

With the Fire Service now on scene, eight Firefighters made their way onto the beach with the FLIR camera, and performed a further shoreline search, with nothing found. Shortly afterward, Rescue 924 arrived overhead, and then began a comprehensive and lengthy search of the shoreline and the raging inshore waters beyond.


With no sign of any casualty found, despite thorough searches by all involved, all rescue assets were subsequently stood down.


Should you have any information which might relate to this incident, please contact Devon & Cornwall Police.


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