Coastguard forced to abandon dog rescue Morwenstow

According to their Facebook page, Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 14:16 on Saturday and tasked to Yeolmouth Cliff in Morwenstow, following the report of a dog that had gone over a cliff in the area. Hartland CRT was also paged. They wrote:

With several members of the Bude team arriving ahead of the Bude and Hartland Rescue Vehicles, details were taken from the first informants (whose dog it was) as to where exactly the dog went over the cliff.

With the rest of the Bude team arriving on scene at the same time as the Hartland team, an ESO (Edge Safety Officer) was quickly put into position on the cliff edge in an attempt to locate the animal with binoculars.

When the dog was located on the beach below, the ESO continued to monitor the animal while the OIC (Officer in Charge) decided on the next step.

As the only rope access point to the otherwise inaccessible cove necessitated a significant scramble across the rocks to the dogs location, and due to a rapidly advancing spring tide, it was deemed that there was insufficient time to undertake a recovery of the dog, due to the risk of having team members trapped by the incoming tide. Therefore any recovery attempt was postponed until the following morning.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the dog’s owners.

We do not know the circumstances of this event, but another sad reminder that dogs do not understand cliffs and need to be securely on leads on clifftop walks.

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