Coastguard callout to Stanbury Mouth

From Coastguard FB:

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team was paged at 12:07 today following the report of an injured 70-year-old female who needed medical assistance and evacuation from the cliffs above Stanbury Mouth.

Arriving prior to the ambulance, the team quickly made their way to the casualty’s isolated position on the steep steps just to the south of the access on to Stanbury Mouth.

Whilst the team administered initial first aid, another member of the Rescue Team awaited the arrival of the paramedics – once on scene, he escorted them down to the casualty’s position.

Suspecting a broken tib and fib, and with the restricted accessibility of the casualty’s position, a request was made to the CGOC to scramble Rescue 924, the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter based in Newquay.

Arriving on scene minutes later, Rescue 924 lowered their winchman paramedic along with their stretcher to a position further up the incline, to avoid unnecessary downdraft on the casualty. The helicopter then took up position in line-of-sight of the incident on the cliff opposite.

Once the winchman and the team had packaged the casualty into the helicopter’s stretcher, Rescue 924 then flew into position above the casualty and the team. Due to the strength of the gusty wind on scene, Rescue 924 requested that the team assist in the winch recovery by employing the ‘high-line’ technique to stabilise the winchman and the casualty as they were lifted up to and aboard the helicopter.

With the casualty safely aboard Rescue 924, the helicopter departed for hospital, while the team stowed the gear and returned to the station.

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