Coastguard called to dog rescue at Widemouth

From Bude Coastguard Facebook:

Bude Coastguard was paged at 13 58, asked to assist with the recovery of a dog that had fallen from cliffs near the Salthouse at Widemouth. On arrival at the scene, it was apparent that the dog had injured one of its back legs and was clearly in some discomfort.

The decision was made to gently move the dog onto a fabric stretcher and he was then evacuated to the owner’s car for transport to the waiting vets.

A straightforward final job of the year (hopefully) for the team who have now completed 40 taskings throughout the course of 2018; coincidentally, exactly the same number as the previous year.

We would like to wish everyone a very happy, and safe, New Year!

Thanks to the Coastguard and other emergency services/responders for all they do, and here’s hoping the dog/cliff message gets through in 2019! Fingers crossed that this dog makes a full recovery.

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