Coastguard called out to paraglider

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team was paged at 17:44 on 16th June and tasked to Vicarage Cliffs in Morwenstow following the report of a paraglider who had crashed into the side of a cliff. Hartland Coastguard Search and Rescue Team was also tasked, as was the duty Senior Coastal Operations Officer, and Bude Lifeboat.


With one member of Bude CRT already on scene, he directed the advancing teams via radio into a clifftop position above the casualty.


After an initial assessment, and having ascertained that the casualty was unhurt and safe at the bottom of the cliff, it was deemed that a technical rope rescue, although possible, was difficult and carried some risk given the terrain on the clifftop. A rescue by Bude Lifeboat was also deemed too treacherous given the sea state and rocky shoreline.


With Rescue 924 (the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter based in Newquay) already scrambled and in the air, it was decided that this would be the safest form of extrication so Bude CRT prepared a HLS (Helicopter Landing Site) for transfer of the casualty to the land teams once he had been rescued by the helicopter.


After lowering the winch man to make a medical assessment of the casualty, the helicopter returned and recovered both the winch man and the casualty aboard.


Rescue 924 then proceeded to the HLS prepared by members of the Bude team, where the helicopter set down and the casualty was walked to waiting members of the Coastguard Rescue Teams, where a final assessment of his condition was given, following which he was released to return home.


All teams were stood down soon afterward. Well done indeed to the invaluable coastguard teams. In these days of awful events in our cities, it is great to hear of a rescue, and a positive result




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