Coastguard alerted by kayaker sighting

Posting this using phone and 3G, bit of a labour of love!

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team were paged at 07:23 yesterday, tasked to locate a kayaker, following a report from a member of the public that indicated the kayaker may have been in distress close to the shore, just north of Salthouse beach. Bude Lifeboat was also subsequently tasked.

As half the team made their way to the last seen position of the casualty, the other half liaised with the first informant at Widemouth Bay. Having gathered the necessary details, the team regrouped and prepared to conduct a search of the area.

As the team were beginning their search, word was received that Bude Lifeboat had located a kayaker. Until it had been confirmed that this was the kayaker in possible distress, Bude CRT continued with their search.

Shortly after, confirmation was received that this was the kayaker that both teams were looking for, who was reported to be safe and well and in no distress.

Both teams were duly stood down. Better safe than sorry though!

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