Coastal Path

By Francis Richens:

There is a plan to have a cycle path running all the way from Box’s Shop to Crooklets. This will be a great facility. My problem is that preparations are being made for the final section of the cycle path to run on and/or just inside the Summerleaze Downs Coastal Path.

My belief is that the final part of the path should instead run alongside the road down from Sainsbury’s to Crooklets. This would keep the Coastal Path free for families, disabled people, dog walkers and tourists, to walk without having to key an eye out for cyclists. It would also be a more direct route.

What do YOU think?


  • Karen Leader says:

    Not sure I like the idea of a cycle route on the Downs itself. Apart from the loss of more green, there is the issue of less freedom for dogs to run and children to play. Having it right by the coastal path would mean parents and dog walkers having to keep a constant eye out for cyclists.The idea of a cycle route down from Sainsbury’s to Crooklets sounds much more practical. Is the route up for public scrutiny?

  • Francis Richens says:

    If you can get your friends to post on here, or on Bude Notice Board, I can present your replies to Bude Stratton Town Council and ask them to organise a public consultation. At the moment there is no intention to consult.

  • Carole Wright says:

    I agree, that section of the path is far too busy to accommodate cycles as well. Running it along the road is the best option.

  • Sue North says:

    Totally agree with Karen.

  • Emma says:

    Sainbury’s to Crooklets would be a no brainer and I’d imagine it would a lot more practical and cheaper to put in.

  • Matt Haden says:

    If the intended new cycle path is run alongside the road from Sainsburys to Crooklets this would mean that anybody wanting to cycle to Summerleaze beach or the sea pool would still have to use the existing path for access.
    Although cycling is not permitted on the downs itself, the existing path around it is a multi use path and therefore it is permissible for cyclists to use it.
    Surely running the new cycle route along the side of the existing path would ease congestion and would mean that cyclists could enjoy the same lovely views as other path users.

  • Shaun Courtenay says:

    I agree that the existing path is very busy, so the plan to widen it would make a lot of sense this would mean minimal loss of “green area”and also provide a much needed safe route to the local beaches and sea pool for locals and holiday makers to access by bike.
    The idea that walkers would have to keep a eye out for cyclists would be minimal as the wider path would have two distinctive paths one for walkers and disability buggies and one for bikes.
    The suggestion of a bike path down hill next to a busy road must fill any parent with small children on bikes with dread !!!

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