Cllr Nicky Chopak adds her voice anti a crematorium for Bude area

The as yet undecided application to Cornwall Council for a proposed crematorium at Poundstock has now attracted 286 comments, 278 from the public. This includes 230 objections and 46 in support.

Bude & Stratton Town Council recently commented:

In addition to my previous letter and following a meeting of our Planning Committee today, I write to relay the agreed words of the resolution made on the 25th March PL/60/21
That the Town Clerk write to CC to make clear that BSTC has never supported the application. The letter should make clear that BSTC’s support in principle for a crematorium in the area was not an endorsement of this particular development, not least because it is outside the parish and therefore beyond BSTC’s remit.
I trust that this makes the Town Council’s position clear.

Meanwhile, Cornwall Councillor for Poundstock, Nicky Chopak, has been asked to make her views clear. She says:

“Having always fully supported the seven Parish Councils in my division, and residents who have genuine concerns in respect to planning, I can confirm my position on this particular application is no different and I will be supporting Poundstock Parish Council and its residents in their opposition to this planning application.”
Tourism is a key element of the region’s economy. Research indicates that staying visitors generates amounts to 4.5 million and that visitor-related spending is worth £1.86 billion to the Cornwall economy. Tourism spend not only impacts tourism businesses but the wider economy. Visitor economy supports circa 53,000 jobs.

For every one pound spent by a tourist, 27p finds its way to the food and drink sector, 19p to the retail sector, 11p to the attraction/entertainment sector, 14p is spent on travel/transport and only 19p is spent on accommodation.

Tourism sector investment has transformed Cornwall from a high volume, low value mass market to a higher value, lower volume and multi niche market that is far less seasonal. Cornwall is ranked number one for visitor satisfaction, brand ranking, repeat business and loyalty.

Cornwall’s strengths lie in our landscape, coast, beaches, heritage and culture, built on our distinctiveness. We need to look after and improve the foundations of our past success; our landscape; environment, culture, heritage and our Cornish distinctiveness.

The natural environment is a key attraction for visitors to the South West and as such a key asset. The frequent visitor surveys have found that when visitors to the South West considered a holiday in Great Britain the quality of the natural environment came out as the top factor with unspoilt countryside coming out near the top

Given the value of tourism to the economy and the importance of the natural environment in attracting visitors, we need to ensure that this asset is protected and advocate a cautious and informed approach to significant changes to the landscape.

To read all of the objections and supporting statements, please click on the link. Mr Bell states he was also against a previous wind turbine application for similar reasons.

Councillor Nicky Chopak is firmly against the application



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