Climber winched from cliffs at Morwenstow

Bude Coastguard Rescue Team members were paged at 17:04 yesterday afternoon (Sunday, January 7th ) after the Coastguard Operations Centre in Falmouth (CGOC) were alerted to a report of a fallen climber at Vicarage Cliffs in Morwenstow (below Hawker’s Hut) by Devon and Cornwall Police, a particularly tricky and treacherous piece of coastline..

The climber had fallen 30ft down a rock face and into a crevasse, unfortunately sustaining several injuries.

With ambulances and a Critical Care Team already at the location, Hartland Coastguard Rescue Team and the HM Coastguard Rescue helicopter – Rescue 924 – were also dispatched to the incident.

With two members of the Bude team already on scene and liaising with the Police and paramedics, the other Coastguard assets arrived shortly afterwards, with CRT members taking up standby positions on the cliff top. Rescue 924 quickly located the casualty and his climbing partner, and – with a fast advancing tide – immediately lowered the winchman paramedic down to the casualty.

As Rescue 924 was tasked to this incident directly from another, and to conserve fuel, a Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) was requested on the cliff top, which members of the Bude and Hartland teams quickly set about preparing.

Having set down in the HLS for approximately 10 minutes, the winchman from Rescue 924 requested the stretcher be deposited to his location by the helicopter. Having done this, Rescue 924 once again set down within the HLS before deciding they needed to return to Newquay to refuel.

With a fast turnaround, Rescue 924 was quickly back on the scene and immediately set about winching aboard the casualty’s climbing partner and then the casualty himself before evacuating the casualty and his partner directly to Derriford Hospital.

The condition of the casualty is unknown at this time.

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