Cliff fall and rough seas reminder

A reminder that we have had a long period of dry weather, followed by rain (currently incessant) which means ground has tended to crack and then soften.

It is perfect conditions for cliff falls and slips.

Today, Bude RNLI has posted on its Facebook page:

We are experiencing a period of bad weather with lashing rain, high winds and rough seas.
Please take extra care near the coast.
Beware of large waves: Even from the shore, large breaking waves can sweep you off your feet and drag you out to sea. Stand well back and follow any instructions given by the lifeguards.
Take care on coastal paths: Paths will be slippery and high winds will make it more difficult to keep your balance.
Beware of erosion: There has been a series of landslides/ landfalls along our coast. Do not go near cliff edges.
If you see anyone in trouble in the water or at the coast call 999 and ask for the coastguard.
If the weather improves enough to go to the beach, don’t sit under cliffs, as the latest (yes, there have been others) rock fall at Duckpool demonstrates. Image: Bude RNLI

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