Clean and Create – Budehaven working with the local environment

Emma Howard-Boyd with Budehaven pupils – photos courtesy of Environment Agency

By Rachel Miller, Joint Leader of Learning in Art, Budehaven School:

Clean and Create Part 3 was a fantastic day, engaging and inspiring our Year 7 pupils to protect their local marine environment. As part of the day, we hosted a number of VIPs:  Chair of the Environment agency, Emma Howard Boyd, Richard Stockdale (Area Director for Devon and Cornwall), and David Miller (representative for the Cleaner Seas project). They visited a number of our workshops where they were impressed and inspired by the intelligent and environmentally conscious questioning of our young people.


David Miller reflected ‘ We were very impressed by the quality of the pupils’ responses, both in terms of their creative approach to recycling marine debris and also in how passionate and well informed they were on how to keep their beaches and ocean free from plastic’.

Richard Stockdale (Area director for Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly) and Tracey Reynolds, Head Teacher


Our visit from The Environment Agency was followed by an announcement on Summerleaze Beach by Emma Howard Boyd of a sum of £750,000 to be made available to provide for a new, dedicated team to tackle plastics pollution in the South West of England.


It is great news that the Bude Cleaner Seas Project and indeed the efforts of our pupils’ here at Budehaven have been recognised for making a difference. In the Art Dept., we aim to continue spreading this message across our curriculum and as the 20 ft heart at Summerleaze beach certainly did, we will continue to educate and bring the public’s attention to the dangers of plastic pollution.

Drone shot by Clive Symm of Symages (permission previously given to use on this site) as used by Theresa May in her recent tweet on the subject!


I would like to thank our representatives, Clare Giner, and Zoe Gascoyne from ‘A Greener Bude’ charity for their contribution to the day and Nia Allen, our local artist who inspired our pupils with the work she creates from her 2-minute beach cleans.

Emma Howard- Boyd chair of environment agency


As an Art department that has always advocated recycling and re-purposing, the Bude Cleaner Seas project is a natural alliance for us. We are all really proud of our pupils’ efforts and commitment to Bude Cleaner Seas and through our Clean and Create project, we realise that bringing awareness and complementing the positive and proactive community that already exists here in Bude is vital.


Our workshops included creating ghost net bowls, yellow fish, water poems and printing with marine plastics. We were all blown away by the maturity of pupils’ responses and I’d just like to bring my thoughts to a conclusion with the moving poetry of our y7 pupils, Lemonie Ryan and Macy Thornton – Bell.


The Budeiful Sea


The’ Budeiful’ sea roared, wild and wet,

but with the pollution it became upset.

Mermaids are crying and sea life is dying,

What can we do to prevent this mess?

Start recycling and littering less!

Everyone needs to help our ocean and

Stop causing a littered commotion.


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