Clamour to drop exam algorithm

Update: A-level and GCSE students in England will have their results based on teacher assessments after U-turn …


As Wales has just announced using predicted grades for students, England is now the only country in the UK to still be using the controversial algorithm, instead of predicted grades, to calculate exam grades in the wake of Covid-19 school closures. It worked for some students, but not for many.

Some successful Budehaven students on results day


Veterinary surgeon and previous Lib Dem candidate for North Cornwall, Danny Chambers, has made a blistering attack on MP, Scott Mann’s, silence on the issue, saying:

Young people are rightly worried that their futures are being derailed by a botched grading system.

The unfair system awarded A-level students from less well funded schools lower grades than their teachers predicted.

Ministers have had 5 months to take steps to make sure pupils are not unfairly penalised due to Covid-19.

Scott Mann is the parliamentary secretary advising the Minister in the Department for Education which implemented this algorithm to downgrade pupils from certain schools.

Despite his involvement in this fiasco, Scott Mann has made no comment, no statement, no apology, and expressed no sympathy for those students affected by their decisions. He has the power and influence to make a difference and correct this problem.

MP Scott Mann

Whether it is failing to back our farmers, voting against climate change or downgrading the A-level grades of students from poorer schools, he doesn’t understand that his actions in parliament really affect the lives of his constituents.

If any students have been affected by this please feel free to contact me and I’ll help if I can. After more information has come to light and after further consideration, I’m now calling for the algorithm to be scrapped completely and the students to be awarded their original predicted grades.

Danny explained on his Facebook page how if this had happened to him, he would not be a vet now.

If I had been awarded my A-levels through the same algorithms used by the government this week I would not be a vet today.

This (last) week thousands of school pupils who had worked and studied hard were told they hadn’t got the grades they deserved.

In places where incomes are lower and schools are underfunded, students had their A-level grades lowered.

He added:

This is totally unfair on hard working students from underfunded schools in more deprived areas. All pupils deserve equality of opportunity.

*Bude and Beyond did contact Scott Mann’s office but so far no response has been forthcoming. 

*Danny is a vet who grew up on a farm near Launceston. He stood for North Cornwall in the 2019 General Election. 


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