Circus on a tightrope

By Binzy Reynolds

The recent circus left Bude after a stint at Bude Rugby Club. I am sure those who visited the circus had a wonderful time but sadly, this years circus left a swathe of unwanted litter throughout our town.

A few days before the circus arrived, flyers advertising the performances appeared wedged under vehicle windscreen wipers in local car parks. Many people, myself included, placed them straight into the recycling bin. Unfortunately for Bude, many other people couldn’t be bothered to dispose of the flyers correctly and simply cast them on the ground. Every day the circus was in town, more flyers were left on vehicles. These flyers blew around most of Bude, angering many people. Local residents, councillors and community groups dedicated to clearing our town of rubbish and the Mayor all complained.

Peter La Broy, a Cornwall Councillor for Bude sent the following message to Cornwall Council yesterday, (Monday), morning:

‘Bude has recently had a visit from a travelling circus. Complaints have come forward from residents, the Mayor and Town Councillors and also local rubbish action groups; the overwhelming fly-posting of cars (I personally had three), the fly-posting around town. The circus has left town, but the stickered flyers are left behind in a number of locations. There are so many people in Bude now caring for our environment, to see this amount of disruption caused by one small group is deeply distressing. Is there any enforcement that we can perform please? Can Cornwall Council contact the Circus and ask them to come back and tidy up? (I can find contact details if we can do this).’

What are your views on this? Is the circus no longer welcome in Bude, due to the litter left behind or are people over reacting?

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