Circus Funtasia – the greatest show in Bude?

I have not been to the circus in years, but they have moved on a bit in the modern shape of Circus Funtasia! They asked for an honest review and here it is! I honestly enjoyed it immensely.

If I’m honest, I did not expect to enjoy it but oddly enough, both my teenage daughter and I did. The acts are polished, skilled and rather awesome. Quite a few members of the audience had hands to their mouths during some of the more death-defying acts, which enthrall while also terrifying those watching. I was working on faith that all would be well, and fascinated by all the safety mechanisms thankfully in place for these performers whose acts may last only minutes but who train for years.

Gone are the days of animal circuses, thank goodness, and some of the plodding events I’ve seen at European campsites when my children were small. This is highly-skilled quality Big Top entertainment. What makes someone realise they can do these things, I wonder?

It’s showing in Bude until Sunday, then moves to Victoria Park in Bideford. If you can see it, then go because it is worth the trip The acts are of high calibre. Also, clowns (which traditionally terrified many a child) now take a far less frightening form, so daring is interspersed with slapstick. Emilion Delbosq is the clown at Circus Funtasia, who largely keeps the momentum going between acts. He is excellent at mime and the cheeky chappie of the outfit. Clowns are also highly skilled performers, and Emilion must be among the best.

Nikolay and Ivan from Bulgaria start the dare-devilry by performing in and on the “Wheel of death”, a large rotating apparatus where they conduct synchronised acrobatic skills up to 11 metres high. It is truly heart in mouth stuff.

As a finale, the Globe of Death performance by eastern European motorcyclists contains motorbike riding inside a metal sphere – this needs to be seen to be believed.

Antonio Candela is the fire-eater which is frankly scary (how does he do it? Please don’t try any of this at home) while Attila Fabian is muscularly built yet somehow manages amazing balancing acts.

Then there are the women, with that constant smile female performers have to have, taking in their stride acrobatics, tightrope walking and juggling of the highest order while also managing to be decorative. Nia manages to juggle while on a Segway, so that is pretty impressive. Trapeze is made to look so easy – but obviously isn’t!

Then there’s candyfloss – not had that for years, too, until yesterday.

My congrats to all the circus performers who are talented, daring, spectacular and friendly. Who knew modern circus would be so much fun? For the adults only, there is also Circus Vulgar on Saturday evening. Give the circus a go, and spread the word for them because this is how they make their living, a living made by offering us lesser mortals eye-catching, bedazzling performance, set to modern music which will have you and the children singing along with.


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