Cigarette butts a big contributor to ocean rubbish

A Greener Bude says members found 135 cigarette butts on their most recent clean up at Crooklets, which is pretty disgusting by any measure.

This report highlights the growing issue of cigarette filters. While plastic bottles and bags are a problem, along with dumped fishing nets, cigarette butts have been ignored until recently.  A late friend of mine who was a heavy smoker used to carry a container to keep her butts in until she could dispose of them properly at home. This was provided by Denbighshire Council in Wales who fined people for dropping them on the floor. When people are at the beach, the sand is viewed as a good way to stop the butts burning and to get rid of them, but they then get into the sea or are unpleasantly picked up by children or dogs.

All the world should not be an ashtray. Cigarettes are like any other rubbish and should be disposed of appropriately.

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