Ciara in Bude – your views

I’ve just been out to walk the dog, protected by hedges on country lanes, and I’ve also looked at Bude webcam. It’s not looking too bad if you keep away from the thumping waves and cliff edges. The rain is also due to kick in later, so earlier for any outings is better, I reckon …

It’s blowy, but not cold. If the temperature was 3-4 degrees, it would be perishing.

A few friendly Facebook folk have added their comments:

Karen: Hardly slept pup was scared (poor pup).

Lenny: I didn’t see a single dog walker in 90 minutes around Bude 🤣 sensible

Paul: Tad gusty but not much to write home about, YET

Jane: A smidge breezy – tiles are chattering noisily on the roof!

Andrea:  It’s the moment you really wondering if it was a smart idea having a house facing the sea!

Lezley: The wind woke my grandson at 4 am. Tired Nanma today. 😴

Sally: Staying quite high up and roof tiles been lifting and dropping all night!

Sarah: You must secure stuff in your garden. I can only hear a drone of the wind. Not stuck my head outdoors yet. Don’t intend too either Brrr 😂

Isabel-Linda: About to take the dog out….will have to hold onto my hat!

Barbara: Heard a few bumps in the night, pretty bad today too, not going anywhere today staying put.


And a few photos from Rob Wilcox:

Looking back across Summerleaze beach from a spot between Life’s a Beach and the lifeguard hut by the sea pool.

Protected from the wind by the lifeguard hut, this is a view across the sea pool into the sea by Summerleaze beach.

Looking towards Compass Point across Summerleaze beach.


And a short video, also by Rob Wilcox:

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