Christmas supply chain shortages – a bah humbug response

After lockdowns affected many people’s Christmas last year, it is not too surprising that there is a bit of a frenzy going on for this year.

However, the government is not inspiring confidence. The Prime Minister said: “I’m very confident this Christmas will be considerably better,” and added “where there are issues that we can help with, we will do everything we can.” Of course, this is like a red rag to a bull as no one believes what politicians say and national media has been fanning the flames of shortages for everything from turkeys to toys.


Hopefully, people will see sense and not panic buy. It is October and folk are already worrying about overstuffing their larders. There is plenty of food and other goods out there; the shops are already piling high with Christmas items and it is still only October.

What is really more of an issue is:

  • Concern about pigs in blankets seems more important to many people than the fact that farmers have begun culling animals and incinerating them because there aren’t enough staff in abattoirs.
  • The likely outcome is more meat imports from elsewhere, which British farmers say are generally of inferior quality and produced to even lower welfare standards (says the Independent). Folks, if you eat meat, there is apparently plenty of beef and lamb.

In terms of wrapping paper, chocolates, beer, wine and spirits, and toys, prices will probably go up. Also with fuel costs and domestic heating. and probably anything else you can think of.

What a great opportunity, therefore, to buy less, to buy local, to upcycle, and to really think about what we want and need for what is, after all, effectively one day out of 365.

Any answers? Send in your thoughts.

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