Chris Jewel on why we need to be told more about Ivor Potter

Viewpoint by Christopher R. Jewell:

On Thursday 6 June 2019 I attended the Bude Stratton Town Council’s full council meeting. Item no 15 on the agenda was to change the name of ‘The Ivor Potter Hall’ in the Parkhouse complex, which puzzled me, to say the least.

I regret that in the public question time – item no 5 on the agenda, I did not question why item 15 was necessary but I fully expected that some logical reason would be forthcoming when it was dealt with.  However, surprisingly there was no explanation or debate on whether or indeed why it should be changed, just a proposal to choose one out of three names being variants of the Parkhouse centre main hall.  The choice, if I remember correctly is to be the ‘Parkhouse Main Hall’.

I left the meeting at the end and went home rather bemused, still wondering – why the change? The only conclusion I came to was that no one knew who Mr Potter was!  I decided I should write to the Bude &Stratton Post.

Then on Monday 10 June, I was made aware of the item on ‘budeandbeyond,’ a local website. The comments it generated from the populace clearly showed they knew and remembered Mr Potter for what he did, not only for the town but for the whole local area. In fact, he was well known throughout North Cornwall.  The strong message is, that the hall should remain in his name as recognition for what he achieved for the townspeople and all the surrounding villages.

So, what can be done? As I understand it BSTC, under normal circumstances has to wait six months before it can reverse the decision of the 6 June.  That is unless a group of councillors obtain a ‘Notice of Motion’ for the next full council meeting in July which allows for it to be discussed again and for the decision of the 6 June to be rescinded.

The question now is, which councillor will have the courage to instigate a Notice of Motion that will allow the unfortunate misjudgement to be rescinded?

In modern terms, he was a ‘LOCAL HERO’ who should still be recognised as such and his name should be reinstated as the name for the main hall of the Parkhouse complex.

Finally, I knew Mr Potter personally.  He was a very talented man with great knowledge and love for what is known as ‘Show Business’.

Perhaps the Bude & Stratton Post should do a feature on IVOR D POTTER, as there are plenty of people in the Bude area that knew him. I believe the Bude & Stratton Old Cornwall Society has information about him in their Records.



  • Steve Haynes says:

    Issues such as this are why the council needs to renew democratic consultation and engagement in Bude. I do hope that Councillors put forward the ‘Notice of Motion’ so that they can discuss and, in my opinion, rescind this ill-informed decision.

  • Greg Williams says:

    There needs to be some sort of brief resume of Ivor in the Parkhouse entrance, then everyone who uses it will know how much he did for the local community.

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