Chocolate made in Bude is worth a taste

This will please those people in Bude who think I have a vegan bias, but I re-confirm that while I am trying to reduce my dairy intake (for reasons you do not need to know) I am not vegan. Last time I tried a vegan diet was in Leeds, 1978.

That aside, I was asked to sample some dairy-free chocolate made in Bude by Pam Alexander, the wonderful chocolatier based in Bude’s Strand shopping arcade. I wasn’t overly keen for I remembered the days of carob chocolate from my teens. However, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Pam’s dairy-free ‘milk’ chocolate alternative, hand made in Bude, is creamy and smooth. It is a pleasant treat! Pam makes other more traditional chocolate, too, of course, as you can see in her shop.

Her website says:

We make a huge range of products from bars to boxes of chocolates, so we have something to suit every occasion! Our products are made using many locally sourced ingredients from in and around Bude, Cornwall and we only use the highest quality Belgian chocolate.

With 10 years experience creating chocolate; we make each product with absolute care and attention and always strive for perfection.

Do you want chocolate or do you want good chocolate? If it’s the latter, give Pam a try. She has a very decent and varied stock, plus can make items to order with sufficient notice. For the lactose intolerant or others who prefer milk-free, I can recommend her new bar! 


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