Children Want Simple Pleasures on Holiday

Horseshoe Cottage Indoor Pool, West Tosberry Farm, Hartland

Horseshoe Cottage Indoor Pool, West Tosberry Farm, Hartland

It’s not just parents who breathed a sigh of relief this week as the kids went back to school, for children have revealed what they hate most about going on holiday with the family – the lack of downtime.

Holiday rentals specialists Owners Direct asked holidaymakers what kids hated doing most whilst on a family trip, ahead of the October half term.

Visiting museums or historical sites comes top, followed closely by going on organised trips. Parents have also admitted that their children hate being forced to have an afternoon nap so they can stay up late, as well as sharing a room with their siblings. Kids also hate the boredom of sitting around at the airport waiting for flights and transfers.

So what do kids like doing the most on holiday? According to Owners Direct parents and holiday home owners, they like nothing better than splashing around in the pool all day or making sandcastles on the beach. The lazy, unplanned days are what children crave for their downtime away from school.

“My children hate being dragged around historical sites on holiday,” admitted one parent, “to be honest if they had a chance they’d be in the pool 24/7 so a good swimming pool on holiday is important to us.”

Children’s Life Coach Naomi Richards says children benefit from free time on holiday that doesn’t have to be an organised activity.

“We seem to organise our children quite a lot during term time – children have busy lives orchestrated by us – school, homework, after school activities etc. This can often not give them enough time to play and just be. When it comes to holidays it is important that we give children this downtime so they can unwind, give their brains a break without us entertaining them,” she says.

“When children are just left to amuse themselves they use their creativity and imagination and that is an important part of childhood,” adds Naomi.

For families who are already suffering the post-holiday blues, Owners Direct suggests that simply, a good swimming pool is a must have for the next self catering holiday.

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