Check out Jemima Rainbow in Bude

A shout out for the lovely folk in the Strand Shopping Centre close to the Premier Inn. There are some lovely shops in there, from chocolate to wiccan, but I’ll pick out one for sheer novelty value, Jemima Rainbow (known to many as The Fairy Shop). It has many positive reviews. I really like this one:

This lovely little shop in the Bude Strand Shopping Centre is truly a sparkling delight!
There are wonderful treasures, ranging from jewellery to trinkets to crystals to ornaments that can grace almost any taste. Perfect for getting that little extra special “something” whether it’s for a special occasion or for oneself.
The owners, Jude and Binzy are wonderful and kind people to have a chat with and I have always felt comfortable with them and enjoyed and laughed at the many conversations we have. Truly a wonderful shop, if one gets to visit it – I can say you won’t be disappointed.

I had a wander in there the other day. They certainly sell items one wouldn’t find anywhere else in Bude, but being a word person, I particularly liked the slogan tee shirts, babygros (not pink or blue!) and so on. Just a little different…


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