Changes to the Travelodge plans

What do you think of the new-look Travelodge idea? To remind you, Travelodge wishes to build a 71-bed  budget hotel, including bar and cafe, with associated car park and access works.

Plans for the proposed Bude Travelodge on the site of the old coach and bus depot, in a conservation area, have been amended, with a fair few new documents added this month, but so far only one person seems to have noticed or at least to have commented, saying:

The recent change in design for the new hotel, is even worse than the previous design. The way the hotel will be viewed from Lansdown road is a huge concrete box design, with no character and a flat roof. The new design is poor, characterless and too modern for the area, as its surrounded by small buildings with slate roofs, but the new design is just a concrete box, and can be seen from the coast path, cliffs and it will tower above the other buildings.


The photos are taken from their Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment.

The assessment says:

Whilst the proposed design would deliver a prominent building of substantial scale relative to the built environment around it, and thus result in substantial visual change, the aesthetic impact of this on the current site, as an empty plot, would be positive.

Let us know your thoughts, whatever they may be – and more importantly, Cornwall Council.



Now it looks like a flat-roofed affair – they say: The proposal provides a focal point which draws the eye away from low quality modern elements Road and Burn View restores a sense of the Picture House’s original design. A combination of vertical steps, horizontal projections, material contrasts and a grounding plinth helps break up visual mass … Despite the proposal’s size, the local topography ensures the it is largely obstructed by existing foreground development. The proposal appears as an intentionally modern element amongst a mix of traditional forms. The proposal’s use of the full local material palette including brick, render and slate elements, which continues a prominent characteristic of the existing situation, helps ground the proposal. The splayed ‘bay’ projection delivers a reference to the original Bus Depot entrance but also a visual quirk which taps into the adhoc and unplanned development pattern in this particular section of the town. The proposal delivers a focal point for eastern end of the street.

This looks like a flat roof – they say: Whilst the proposal’s footprint is notably less than that of the buildings which previously stood on the site, the development will exceed their height and volume.The suggestion is that it is following the design of the old picture house.



  • Martin Dorey says:

    Sorry Dawn, but this is cr*p. The fact that the council may have demanded that it remains ‘in keeping’ has removed any kind of soul or design flair from this. Modernity is okay as long as it isn’t a diluted version of some misty-eyed Victorian aesthetic. Bay windows and mock gables on a modern building just look sh*t. All you end up with is something to get it through planning – bland bland bland. Everyone should exercise a little more imagination.

  • Christopher Reeves says:

    Sorry but this is just another blot on the land scape, Why on earth do we need yet another ugly, hotel, that will sit around here half empty.
    I have to admit i don’t know what would be needed here, but this is just plain stupid.

  • This is worse than the first design, totally out of keeping with the area, should be refused.

  • Nigel Tupper says:

    This looks like most othe travel lodges – and particularly ones you get near motorways or airports. Style nil. Consideration for the current vista nil. Design to fit in with what’s here already please and don’t replace one eyesore, now gone, with another one.

  • Linda Roberts says:

    A totally unremarkable looking building that does nothing to enhance the locality.

  • Rowan Fawdon says:

    They need to look at what Premie Inn produced -a building with sympathetic colourings suited to a seaside resort and with some variety of texture so the size is broken down visually, a huge improvement on the previous building. To say its ‘impact is positive, over an empty plot’ is pretty silly. If the plot were seeded and became a grassy corner with seats it would improve it as an empty plot, but a building is an entirely different prospect. Neither of the designs shown here demonstrate any appreciation for the character of the locality. They need to find a new designer.

  • John Sheridan says:

    Bude is a community town with a village feel to it. I think this building is one storey too high, belongs in a city or large town and isn’t in keeping; it lacks feeling and local sentiment. This is one of the nicest places on our planet, let’s not ruin it.
    Please rethink your design.

  • This building design is neither in keeping with the immediate area nor the town in general. It is also too high. Furthermore it is arguable that Bude needs this hotel and it is likely to damage the business of other established small hotels and guest houses.

  • Marie says:

    Really dont need another chain hotel
    May be a few shops and pleasant evening eating places with more parking would be better than that monster of a building!

  • Viki Herbert-Coulson says:

    View the Premier Inn from any of the back gardens of Breakwater Rd and it stands out !! Too tall.
    This is just a block design – better suited to an Industrial Estate or Motorway way Service station not Beautiful Bude.
    Come on Travelodge – you are trying to develop up market sites ..
    Why not make Bude your very first ever truly iconic Cornish building totally in keeping with it’s surroundings ?

  • Lorna Cox says:

    Please please please…don’t do this. For once look at the whole town and all it stands for. Please don’t let a soulless, monstrosity toilet block like building come and take over that lovely corner. Let that shape stay on motorways where they belong. Just awful. You could be better than The Premier Inn for once and create a thing of beauty that folk will want to stay in. Step outside of the box…literally.

  • Hilary Burdett says:

    Absolutely horrendous design! Bude does not need another chain hotel & this would be a blot on the landscape of our lovely town!

  • Graham Hodgson says:

    Can’t be any worse than the abortion that was allowed to be built opposite us, i.e. the white indoor tennis facility or whatever it is that looks more like a circus tent. How the hell they got planning permission for that eyesore I will never know. Someone said they may have got it by saying it was a temporary building, but I don’t know if that is correct. Maybe the old bus garage site could’ve been used for something else, I think I’d have preferred shops with maybe flats above, but this is certainly better than what was there before.

  • Joan Bradshaw says:

    Completely out of keeping with all its surroundings. Ugly monstrosity – what training have planners had!!!!

  • Lala says:

    Terrible. Please start to treasure Bude. Year year it is being ruined.
    This design is horrible.

  • Alan wickins says:

    This is just what Bude needs reasonably priced modern hotels.

  • Vicky Daviddon says:

    This design is worse than the first one….will be an eyesore…hate it

  • Joanne Albrock says:

    As a regular visitor to Bude I would never want to see or stay in such a hideous building on that site – or in any part of such a beautiful place! I truly hope that planning is rejected and something complementary to the overall feel of the town and of benefit to the community suggested in its place!

    • Pat Rogers says:

      We been coming to Bude for about 7 years and we now live here permanently. The old site was an eyesore. The site was up for sale for as long as I can remember; it appeared that no one in Bude wanted to purchase the land. Travelodge have come in with the money, brought the land, submitted plans which I believe have been passed. There is a discussion on social media that Travelodge wants to amend the plans. If I’m correct then how do we/ council discuss these revised plans in order to ensure that they are in keeping with the town and local area?
      Bude is beautiful; let’s not spoil it by not raising our concerns and if necessary raise objections to ensure we keep it this way?

  • Goldsworthy Gurney says:

    Bude doesn’t deserve anything better. They’ve let them knock down an historic set of buildings you’ve made your 71 beds now sleep in them.

  • Paul Brooks says:

    Nothing about this or the original design is in keeping with the immediate area! Cheap rubbish. Looks more like a prison and will become dated very quickly once the ‘newness’ appearance has gone. Please don’t let this happen……

  • Lynda Savory says:

    Looks like a 70’s block of offices or council flats. No style, no panache, no character. Perfectly adequate on a motorway, or an out of town area, but Bude deserves more…something with style,character, that will enhance the area not dwarf and depress it.
    I am not fortunate enough to live actually in Bude, but come into the town often…and each time I drive in, my heart sings!

  • Yvonne cawson says:

    I have no idea what the council will allow but this is a concrete block monstrosity totally out of keeping with a Bude, Please do not allow this to be built, more suited as a prison block to be hidden away in an industrial site.

  • Linda Hull says:

    Go back to the drawing board! This is a disaster compared to the Premier Inn.

  • Debbie Walker says:

    I think the building is far too high, and VERY UGLY.. Surely this should blend in instead of stick out like a sore thumb….Shame on you if this gets passed as it is..

  • Maggie Stanbury says:

    Not in keeping with what makes Bude unique, too high, too much like a load of boxes especially when viewed from Broadclose and Lansdown road. People viewing this and The premier Inn online to decide where to stay will not choose this one! Please, please think again.

  • Lynda Mason says:

    just got rid of one awful building and now replacing it with another. the roof is not in keeping with our beautiful town please do not pass this until it’s in keeping with the rest of our town.

  • Penny says:

    The whole thing is an eyesore. Bude is not a city which is where that would belong. Bude is a seaside resort, so when the holiday makers have gone back to work who is going to stay in it. It is too high and not in keeping with Bude. Who in the planning department would allow that to pass, whoever clearly does not live near it in Bude.
    How many local bed and breakfast businesses will go out of business because of it. I thought we were supporting the local community and this is not it…

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