Changes to lockdown announced by the PM

My understanding of the changes to lockdown (here’s the full document) for Phase 1 starting on Wednesday is this:

  1. If you cannot work from home, you should now consider travelling to work if your workplace is open.
  2. If you do this, you should travel by foot or bicycle if possible and avoid peak-time travel. Or drive.
  3. You can undertake unlimited exercise with up to one person from outside your household. This includes using the sea and lakes (as risk lower outdoors?) but not swimming pools.
  4. As long as you adhere to the two-metre physical distancing rules, you can meet up with one person from outside your household, such as a friend or relative, in a public place.
  5. You can drive to an outdoor place no matter how far from your household, as long as you adhere to physical distancing – but not in Wales/Scotland.
  6. Face coverings are not mandatory but advised on public transport or in shops.
  7. “Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives” has been replaced with: “Stay alert, control the virus, save lives”.
  8. If infection rates continue to drop by 1 June, the government will consider whether household groups could meet.


While holiday accommodation, pubs and restaurants remain closed, there is now nothing to stop (from Wednesday) people driving to the beach, etc., so far as I can tell. ‘m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong.

Phase 2 will be introduced at the start of June at the earliest.

The following is specifically from the Government Press information:

So, from Wednesday there will be no limits on the frequency of outdoor exercise people can take.

You can now walk, sit and rest in parks, you can play sports and exercise, and you can do all these things with members of your own household, or with one other person from another household, provided you observe social distancing and remain 2 metres apart from them.

We shall increase the fines for the small minority who break the rules, starting at £100 but doubling with each infringement up to £3,600.

You can drive as far as you like to reach an outdoor space, subject to the same rules and the laws and guidance of the Devolved Administrations.


Additionally, The UK government has given permission for the Premier League and other professional sports to return behind closed doors from 1 June, providing its five tests on controlling the coronavirus are met. Hospitality and leisure businesses remain closed for now.

If infections spike again, then this could all be slowed down.


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