Changes to B & B instagram …

In the interests of my time and energy and out of courtesy to our sponsors, please note that we will not be promoting businesses (other than our lovely sponsors) on our Instagram page in future. Businesses are welcome to post promotions (in moderation) on our Facebook page as a visitor post.

Some businesses have been inundating the Instagram inbox with events and promotions, which has reached a ridiculous level of attempted free promotion (only it isn’t free as it uses up my time, especially where multiple shots are concerned) while others sneak the odd one in, the latter of which has been ok until now. I’ve cut down on my own social media use and don’t really want the job of doing other people’s for them.

I’m still happy to promote fundraising events for charities and community groups and to share lovely photos of Bude, but now we will stick to promoting Bude and the area beyond in all its splendour, with views, birds, and other photos to make us all feel good.  Thank you for your co-operation, businesses.

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