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Diabetes Hypo Awareness week SW update

Dear Editor This week is Hypo Awareness Week (30 September – 4 October 2019). Hypos affect nearly everyone with Type 1 diabetes and many people with Type 2 diabetes who use insulin […]

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Letter from NSPCC for forthcoming Parents in Sport Week

Dear Editor, The new school term is well and truly underway and many parents are now spending much of their weekends ferrying children to sporting activities. Thousands of children across […]

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Reader view: Should Ivor Potter Hall become a theatre or is it just a dream?

Lucille has had a reply from the Town Clerk which both parties are happy to have made public. Obviously, people need to put their thoughts and ideas in writing to […]

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SW NSPCC talks exam result stress

vThe anticipation of waiting for exam results can feel overwhelming for young people, and August can be a particularly difficult time. Students can struggle to cope during this time, with […]

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Can anyone explain Cornwall Council’s car parking structure?

I appreciate that parking costs money, but an hour in Bude, which leaves you little time to do anything, costs 70p, whereas a more realistic 1-2 hours costs £2.50. I […]

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Save our beach huts!

By Bob Fear: This article first appeared on the Yeo Design website.   Nostalgic or sustainable? The traditional seafront icon facing a modern design challenge. We love a good beach […]

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Why can’t Harley go to school?

This is the tale of a young boy who is not in school.  Lizzie, the grandmother of Harley, contacted us. She says I am writing on behalf of my 6-year-old […]

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Rob feels he is a strong local voice for Flexbury and Poughill

On June 27, residents of Flexbury and Poughill will vote in a by-election for Bude-Stratton Town Council. Today is the turn of Lib Dem candidate Robert Uhlig to have his […]

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Chris Jewel on why we need to be told more about Ivor Potter

Viewpoint by Christopher R. Jewell: On Thursday 6 June 2019 I attended the Bude Stratton Town Council’s full council meeting. Item no 15 on the agenda was to change the […]

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Lucille Opie’s calls for a local entrepreneur to improve the ‘Ivor Potter’ Hall

A reader’s viewpoint by Lucille Opie: I very much like the response on the Facebook page on budeandandbeyond today … It is very thought provoking and makes a lot of […]

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Ivor Potter – local community sets up Facebook page in efforts to reverse council decision

In response to a Council decision to rename the Ivor Potter Hall in the Parkhouse Centre, local people have set up a new community Facebook page to encourage the Council […]

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The Main Hall – Ivor Potter is to be dropped

The Bude & Stratton journalist who attended the latest council meeting on June 6th notes that the naming of the hall was unanimously passed. It will now be known as […]

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Amazing feedback for Bude

Author Dr Mary Welford has been in touch. She is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a founding member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation. She spent this weekend in Bude on […]

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Britain Divided Over Brexit and Austerity

An opinion piece by the Chair of Bude Labour Party (as ever, we remind other political parties that they, too, may submit articles for publication. No one has so far […]

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Democracy in Bude: Local People fighting for our Hospital and Young People striking for all our futures.

 Opinion piece following events from last week by the Chair of Bude Labour Party (as ever, opinion pieces are open to all to submit):     There were two important […]

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