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Government continues to promise to improve railway infrastructure nationwide

The government has announced that towns and cities could see new stations constructed and disused links restored to their former glory, thanks to a £20 million fund to boost rail connections across the country. Bude’s problem is that not only did Beeching close the railway, but much of the line […]

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An Old Smugglers Tunnel?

An interesting question posed of B & B readers.   Over the years I have often wondered what appears as a blocked up tunnel and old harbour wall was doing located on the beach below Compass point, was it an old smugglers tunnel, and does it lead to somewhere? Does […]

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Bude commemorates D-Day 75

By Helen Shingler: On Thursday 6th of June across Europe and the U.S. we commemorated 75 years since D-DAY, the day that saw the Allied invasion which began the liberation of western Europe from Nazi occupation.  None of us can truly imagine how different the world we live in today […]

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St Piran’s Day offering from the Old Cornwall Society

From Helen Bartrop Hocking: The Bude, Stratton & District is one of the forty-two branches that make up the great tree that is the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. Due to celebrate the centenary of its existence in January 2020, a call has gone out to the membership to acknowledge […]

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Is Father Christmas real?

Most of us get nostalgic on Christmas Eve and remember past Christmases stretching back over the decades to childhood. Those of us with grown up children and grandchildren reminisce about the days of simple toys and the thrill of waking early on Christmas morning to open a non-digital new gadget […]

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Bude Youth Theatre needs your canal stories

Following recent storms in Bude, what appears to be railway lines were revealed on Summerleaze beach (see picture). In fact these sand rails are relics of the Bude Canal and usually lie hidden under the sand. Almost 200 years ago they fanned out across the beach from a turntable beyond […]

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2018 WWI Centenary – Bude’s tribute to the soldiers who served during WW1

By Johanna Jackson: How could Bude honour the soldiers who served, fought, survived and died in World War I? Harry Pearce from Budehaven School had a dream, which was realised by our huge local community team. So many volunteers had clearly been busy in Bude over the past few weeks; […]

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Americans visit Bude in search of Pamela Colman Smith

This post was originally written last year. I was asked to again meet with a group of visitors to Bude today, searching out the burial site of Pamela Colman Smith, about whom I am writing a book. Unfortunately, this year I could not oblige due to teaching commitments but the […]

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Branch Line to Bude Exhibition

Had a sneak preview of a new exhibition at the Castle in Bude which opens today. It is in the old ‘Gurney’ room which was full of engineering stuff – this is far more enticing for the average person who doesn’t have an engineering degree, for it is about the branch […]

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D-Day Beer for Bude

Finally, after 9 days, we are reconnected. Disconnection  could not have come at a worse time, but we are back. I promised I’d mention this and I am… Tuesday 6th June is D-Day. Clair Roberts has secured military vehicles to attend and for a couple for people to get a […]

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Bude Motor Show – some beauties

It was a glorious day and I happened upon Bude Motor Show yesterday, reminded by the convoy of classic cars travelling with me along the A39.  It was busy, and I ended up in conversation with a total stranger about the Jensen Interceptor and the nostalgia brought about by Morris […]

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Recreating Bude at War

                       The exciting Bude at War re-enactment is happening in September. Its organisation is a whole community event (whatever your feelings about war) creating a heritage re-enactment, ‘bringing back’ the American troops who arrived in 1944 to train for D-Day.  Any memories […]

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Fascinating insight into Bude’s history by the Old Cornwall Society

Sent by Helen Hocking of the Old Cornwall Society (so glad to see people writing for the site): Once again, The Parkhouse Centre was a picture of community warmth and friendship, as the Bude, Stratton &  District branch of the ‘Old Cornwall Society’ gathered for their monthly talk. The events […]

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Morwenstow’s Maverick

This week, Bude Youth Theatre is performing a play about Reverend Hawker, the well known eccentric of Morwenstow. Here’s a reminder about him, which may inspire you to go and see the play. It’s that time of year (nesting) when crows caw a dreadful din, screeching a warning of my […]

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A Stratton Smallholder

Told to Dawn by John Going, 94:   I sold my Stratton smallholding to a neighbour and then he split it up. It was in a ring fence, at the Town’s End side of Stratton. Stratton was a nice little place. That’s one of the things that attracted me to […]

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