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PM’s Tribute to MP, Jo Cox

Today, the country was shocked  and reeling to hear of the killing of Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen. Our sympathies, like everyone else’s, go to Jo Cox’s family and friends.   Speaking after the death of Jo Cox MP was announced, Prime Minister David Cameron said: This […]

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People Seek Help With Pensions

The number of people seeking help with pensions from Citizens Advice has doubled in the last year, according to new figures from the charity. Citizens Advice has been badly depleted in parts of Cornwall, but there is online help. Citizens Advice say they helped people with 12,898 issues related to […]

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Don’t Waste Time, Do a Degree

I’m an ex OU student and associate lecturer, so, despite it changing dramatically since ‘my day’, I still have a soft spot for it and am happy to promote it as a wonderful bastion of distance learning. So, it’s interesting that a new consumer survey commissioned by The Open University (OU) […]

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Book Review – Shtum

The line from The Observer describing this book as: “A darker, sadder version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, but just as moving” drew me in but I never expected Jem Lester’s debut book to be so utterly thought-provoking. Most novels I’ve read relating autism focused on […]

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Pensions – Should Women Have to Wait Until 66?

As someone who is unfortunately well on her way towards pension age, I am one of those women who is not set to receive my state pension until I’m 66, not actually the scheme I thought I was ‘buying into’ when I first started working because then, it was 60.  […]

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At Last, Honesty About Motherhood

How refreshing to read an honest article about motherhood. At last. You see, I love my five children to bits but I have no rose-tinted specs about the institution that is motherhood. Like everything else in my life, I did it large. Five is big by anyone’s standards. If I was going to […]

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New Blood Test to Diagnose Breast Cancer Spread

This comes direct from a press release but it may be vital information, so time to share: UK scientists from the University of Westminster have confirmed that a new blood test can detect if breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body in a research funded by the charity Against Breast […]

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Gezelligheid and the Red Bus

A very good friend talks often about the red bus of life. Basically, we are all on a journey on a red bus, then someone drops off it or is pushed or jumps, but the bus continues. Eventually, we will all leave the bus. Life is a journey of varying […]

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Union Street and Social Realism

It feels like sacrilege but I’ve been clearing my dusty bookshelves. Having decided I would need to live to be at least 650 to read them all, even if I wanted to,  the collection (still) needs serious trimming. In removing old text books, coffee table books, books already read and […]

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Turbocharged Education – Really?

I just love a good government press release. The latest from Nicky Morgan’s mates at the DfE talk of ‘turbocharged’ sponsored academies. It sounds like a promotional gimmick for Top Gear rather than a serious item about education. Just as ‘free’ schools are in no way free, the language here is being […]

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Intense World Theory & The A Word

Watching the drama, The A Word, on television, set me off thinking once again about the autistic spectrum, as it has been highlighted for the recent Autism Awareness Week. The drama is probably less about autism per se but more about the family dramas played out around it. Psyblog often introduces some […]

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