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The Rights of EU Nationals in UK

There has been no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU, as a result of the referendum. The government has issued the following information to clarify the situation. The decision about when to trigger Article 50 and start the […]

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On Wednesday We Get a New Prime Minister

Well, when Theresa May woke up this morning, she did not know she would be Prime Minister, and certainly not by Wednesday. Nor did the rest of us. Today, Angela Leadsom pulled out of the PM race, after attacks on her made after comments about motherhood. Since then she said […]

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It’s simple, we need bees. Now DEFRA is even offering official advice to make the environment bee-friendly. To be fair, I’ve seen loads more this year than in recent times, but we still need to encourage these busy little pollinators. Excuse the simplistic language of the government advice…this is as […]

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Scott Mann Checks Out Heart Disease

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, met with Heart Valve Voice in Parliament last week to hear more about the organization and heart valve disease in the UK. He had his heart checked for heart valve disease at the awareness event, which involved a heart specialist listening to his heart […]

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Council Tax Collection Practices Not Helping

Council tax costs a lot of people a lot of money to pay for local services. However, Council tax debt collection practices are pushing some people further into the red, says Citizens Advice. A new report from the charity warns some councils in England add extra charges to a debt, […]

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Changes to Cervical Cancer Screening

  The process of cervical screening is to be changed to allow women to benefit from more accurate tests. After a successful pilot programme and a recommendation by the UK National Screening Committee, screening samples will be tested for human papilloma virus (HPV) first. This will be rolled out across […]

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School Uniforms – When Your Child Grows Out of Theirs

I remember coming from a fairly economically challenged family. When I passed the then 11+, it was a great day, but buying the expensive uniform for grammar school was not. It left my parents pretty skint, to be honest. And when we tried to get cheaper options, we were chastised […]

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Statement on Post-Brexit Economic Challenge

Joint statement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and leaders of the UK’s main lenders released on 5 July 2016. While we are realistic about the economic challenge facing the country after the referendum result; we are reassured that collectively we can rise to it. The last time […]

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Primary Schools Achieving New Standards in 3Rs

No personal spin here, just straight from the mouths of government to show us that their primary education policies are indeed working, and they have the statistics to prove it. National results published today (5 July 2016) for the new primary school testing system in maths and English show that […]

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E.coli O157 in the SW

Public Health England has been investigating many cases of E.coli O157 and the culprit may be salad leaves. Preliminary investigations show many cases ate salad including rocket leaves prior to illness. To date, 109 cases (figure correct as at 4 July 2016) of this strain of E. coli have been identified […]

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High Quality End of Life Care Plans Announced

Plans to ensure high quality, compassionate care for everyone at the end of life have been announced by Health Minister Ben Gummer, which rather implies they are not already in place – which is shocking, and worrying, and makes me wonder why people have to wait for 2020 for these […]

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Mums Are Cooler Than Dads

Well, there’s nothing like courting a little controversy. Are Mums cooler than Dads? Well, of course, you’d expect a refrigerator company to know the answer. Research by home appliance brand Beko took an in-depth look at how kids in the UK aged between six and sixteen perceive their mums and […]

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Cornwall WASPI Group Hits Parliament

It was business as usual for three of the county’s MPs  who met with women from Cornwall on Wednesday, 29th June as a WASPI demonstration descended on Westminster. Despite the country being in turmoil, other life does go on, and people power continues to have an impact.  The demonstration was attended […]

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Bogus Investment Scams Cost a Fortune

You think it would never happen to you, or people you know. Think again. For, investments in fake diamonds, bogus stocks and shares and fine wines that don’t exist are costing scam victims an average of £20,000 each, reveals Citizens Advice. Analysis of 5,000 scams reported to the consumer champion […]

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People Not Willing to Sacrifice Broadband

Research released pre-Brexit from, independent broadband news and information site, revealed 46% of people would sacrifice their gym membership rather than their internet connection. I’d be one of them. When asked what expenses they would be willing to cut back on, keeping fit topped the list with eating out […]

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