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1 Man, 1 hand-cycle, 2,500 miles, 27 Days. Saving our oceans …

On the 12th July, there will be a hand cyclist called Rob Groves on local roads. Please be kind and considerate to him when driving, for Rob will be hand cycling […]

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Scott Mann welcomes fishing pledge

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, has welcomed the Government’s announcement that it will today start the ball rolling to taking back control of Britain’s fishing waters as promised by […]

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Tory humiliation down to campaign length and cult of May – Norman Tebbit Q&A

Tim Bale, Queen Mary University of London The following interview with Lord Tebbit took place at the House of Lords on June 28, 2017. He was interviewed by Tim Bale, […]

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Watch out for smishing

Smishing – the term used for SMS phishing – is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims’ money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to […]

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London Bridge attack: why the terror threat level was downgraded

The scene at London Bridge. PA Dan Lomas, University of Salford It’s a depressingly familiar story. Terror on the streets of London, almost two weeks after the Manchester bombing. This […]

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Why parents should resist the temptation of term-time holidays

Esther Dermott, University of Bristol The Easter holidays are over – and the long wait for the more generous summer break begins. In just a couple of months, schools will […]

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Why both teens and teachers could benefit from later school start times

Maybe a good idea, but the impact on kids like me (who liked to get up early) would be more negative.   Why both teens and teachers could benefit from […]

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Why you are constantly searching for your keys

Anna Maria Nowakowska, University of Aberdeen; Alasdair Clarke, University of Essex, and Amelia Hunt, University of Aberdeen Imagine that you are searching for your house keys, and you know they […]

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Selling Student Debts?

Student debt sale gives new generation a first taste of economic slavery Richard Murphy, City, University of London The UK government is about to make its largest ever sale of […]

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A First Is No Longer Enough

I read today that 1 in 4 students are now obtaining first class degrees. Now, I don’t want to do anyone a disservice, and I’ve got one myself (a first […]

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The curious character of cats – and whether they are really more aloof

Why does everyone say I’m aloof? Shutterstock Jenna Kiddie, Anglia Ruskin University To some people, cats are the perfect pet. Intelligent, elegant, calming companions, capable of dealing with their own […]

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Why do some accents sound better than others?

One man’s soothing sound can be another’s harsh tones. HBRH/ Gerry Howley, University of Sheffield When a funeral planning business recently decided to open its new contact centre in Newport, […]

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Making your home safe while you are on holiday

Holidays are a break from the normal routine and chance to get away from everyday worries, but for some, leaving home unattended for weeks at a time can be a […]

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No charges in Conservative party election spending affair – here’s why

Sam Power, University of Sussex The Crown Prosecution Service has ruled that no charges will be brought against Conservative Party candidates following an investigation into how 2015 campaign spending was […]

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Are jobs at risk due to Brexit uncertainty?

This is rather alarming but it is also a very small sample of only 500. However, it is interesting for this area because Cornwall/Devon have high numbers of micro-businesses, with […]

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