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TIP: Reading out loud

This may seem odd, but a tip for writing articles or writing anything is to read the article out loud afterwards. It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but think about […]

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Mint Spam?

Some of you may have received an email similar to me today, apparently from the ‘London Mint Office’.  It looks genuine enough, until you dig under the covers, then, to […]

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A First Is No Longer Enough

I read today that 1 in 4 students are now obtaining first class degrees. Now, I don’t want to do anyone a disservice, and I’ve got one myself (a first […]

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Why Some People Can Multitask Online and Others Can’t

Too many tabs – why some people can multitask online and others can’t Peggy Alexopoulou, Loughborough University The internet may be the most comprehensive source of information ever created but […]

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Sixth Formers – It’s Coming Up To UCAS Time

Five top tips for an outstanding UCAS form Sarah Wright, Edge Hill University As the final UCAS deadline looms in mid-January, it’s understandable to worry that you don’t have time […]

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Renewable Google

Today I read an article about Google and renewal energy. It’s here on BBC News’ website.  Using renewable energy is something that I’m interested in knowing more about. I don’t […]

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Why you need an Apple Trackpad

If you are a Mac user, then you need an Apple Trackpad. I’ve used a mouse with my Mac, well my several Macs to be honest, for quite some time. […]

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More Spam/Scam

Like a lot of people I get a lot of junk email and spam. It’s a pain. Most of it is instantly recognisable but sometimes I spot something ‘good’. By […]

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How much (internet speed) is enough?

I’m fairly fortunate that after a long battle with BT I eventually got good, super-fast broadband out here in the wilds of North Cornwall, in Stratton. Some people in Cornwall […]

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Parents Prepare – for Maths Changes

Dislike maths? Well, primary age children will be learning a new approach, so make sure you’re on the ball. It looks like this latest government initiative will eventually be rolled […]

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#AQA Biology – the Importance of Getting It Right

There’s a big question mark after hearing about the ‘business studies’ question which made an appearance in the AQA GCSE Biology exam – how did it get there? More importantly, […]

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The curious character of cats – and whether they are really more aloof

Why does everyone say I’m aloof? Shutterstock Jenna Kiddie, Anglia Ruskin University To some people, cats are the perfect pet. Intelligent, elegant, calming companions, capable of dealing with their own […]

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Iyengar Yoga Studio Opening

By Deborah Cadby:   The Appledown Iyengar Yoga Studio has classes starting from the 18th of May 2017. My name is Deborah Cadby I’ve been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 2001 […]

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Why do some accents sound better than others?

One man’s soothing sound can be another’s harsh tones. HBRH/ Gerry Howley, University of Sheffield When a funeral planning business recently decided to open its new contact centre in Newport, […]

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Full Council Meeting on Thursday

Sorry I can’t make this sound more riveting, but these meetings are always much more fun in person than they look on screen or paper. Full Council meeting to take place […]

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