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Batten Down the Hatches!

Road users in Devon and Cornwall are being advised to check the weather forecast and road conditions before travelling today and tomorrow with many areas expecting very windy weather. The […]

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Suffering No Delusions About Dementia

Can you imagine having to change your mother’s urine-sodden underwear that she is convinced is wet because she has just washed it? Or rinsing out her slipper where the urine […]

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Good Communication

A couple who have been together for a long time will know that their desire for each other fluctuates according to their feelings. If everything is going well they are […]

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A New Start for 2013?

  Bude Meditation Room begins 2013 with a new course of life-changing meditation tuition on Thursday 3rd January, 6.45 – 8.30 pm at the Neetside Centre, Bude. Many people have […]

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Makeup or Breakup?

There are many couples that I have seen in my counselling room where their relationship seems to have completely broken down. It is natural for them to dwell on the […]

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North Cornwall Coast Flood Alert

Here we go again with the flood alerts….Cornwall and up to Devon as far as Hartland Point. Latest Information from the Environment Agency: North Cornwall Coast to Hartland Point. Flooding […]

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Better Relationships

There are a number of elements that go to make up the thing we call ‘love’, but some are more long-term than others. For instance, sexual passion may become less […]

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What is a Normal Relationship?

In many respects, not least, subconsciously, we learn the rules of love from our parents. Their relationship is acted out right in front of us, day in, day out. So […]

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New Don’t Drink and Drive Campaign

Devon and Cornwall Police are releasing dramatic footage of a drink-fuelled collision as part of the Force‘s annual drink drive Christmas campaign. The campaign, which will run throughout December, is […]

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Visiting Vicky – Revitalising!

Having heard a great deal (good) about Vicky Barnes, and happened across her at one or two events, I was pleased to become a ‘guinea pig’ for Vicky’s recent journey […]

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Welfare Reform Awareness Event, Bideford

   A Torridge District Councillor is organising an event aimed at helping local people understand more about the council tax support changes that will come into play next April.  Councillor […]

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The ‘Jack in the Box’ Art of Hannah Wheeler

Art is always a tough one to write about because it is so individual, but it was wonderful meeting Hannah Wheeler, recently, despite the fact that she later wrote on […]

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Skern Helps New Budehaven Pupils Settle Swiftly

Realising the importance of the transition for children moving from primary to secondary education, for the past 19 years Budehaven has organised a residential course for all year 7 pupils. […]

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Vox Pop – Bude’s Dog Poo Problem

Extra dog wardens have been requested in Cornwall to help prevent the problem of dog fouling. Now, I’d not really noticed the problem, but when I posed the question on […]

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Cornwall’s Shocking Affordable Housing Crisis

  Bude Cornwall Councillor Nigel Pearce is calling on Cornwall Council and Developers to do more and build more affordable housing for local people. Anyone who knows Nigel will appreciate […]

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