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Is This Consultation? Really?

Having been informed by numerous sources, not least supporters of Route 39, that there was to be a ‘consultation’ meeting (which by its very nature is public input as part of a regulatory process) to address (primarily) the concerns of residents at 5pm at Bucks Cross village hall yesterday, I […]

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Depression: the silent illness…

Depression may be described as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. Most of us feel this way at one time or another for short periods. Clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for a […]

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Free School Protest Gathers Pace

As the North Devon free school protest gathers pace, Bude and Beyond has today received this information from a group of local residents prepared to put up a fight against what they see as un unconvincing proposal, not least because of the potential urbanisation of this rural Devon area. Read […]

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Kingsley Head Questions Free School

My understanding is that this letter, from Andy Waters, Headteacher of the independent Kingsley School, who is retiring this summer, was sent to Joss Glossop, Principal of Route 39 Academy, as an open letter, and may therefore be publicly used, with the caveat that it must be in its entirety. […]

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Free School Is Not So Free

At a time when free school policy is in chaos (Twitter is full of it but there are also numerous news items suggesting the same) you will all be aware of the plans for a free school (academy) at Steart Farm at Bucks Cross, and you will all, no doubt, […]

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Trev’s Cake….

So, Ali Beech of Made With Love, new Mum (again) and cake baker extraordinaire from Poundstock offered a Facebook draw for a free cake. It was won by Trev of Trev’s Taxi and, being a generous soul who couldn’t eat it all himself, Trev offered to share it, and Rosie’s […]

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To Stay or To Go?

From Relationship Counsellor, Barry: Sometimes the lesson to be learned in a relationship is how to persevere and try to work things out. Other times, the lesson to be learned is how to exit a situation that no longer serves your best interests, your sanity and your health and wellbeing. […]

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Free School ‘Fiasco’

This email was originally in response to an article in the Western Morning News, about the Route 39 free school proposed for North Devon, and was sent to me to use on Bude & Beyond, too. As it  highlights local concerns about the recent public consultation process that began last […]

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Charlie’s Restaurant, Tintagel – Review

Charlie’s restaurant in Tintagel – review.

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The First Cut Isn’t Always the Deepest

Self harm is as much of a problem in Bude as it is anywhere else. I know this because I wear my past issues on my sleeve, quite literally. Other people going through the same problems feel they can approach me, a relative stranger, for advice and help. They know […]

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When emotions are overwhelming

There are times when we all struggle with our feelings and we are often told to get a hold of our emotions. Most times we are able to keep them under control, but there are bound to be times when they flow over. There may be times within our relationship […]

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Valentine Surprise!

With Valentine’s Day upon us again many of us look at what we can give our partner to show them that we love them. Will it be roses, perhaps some chocolates, or maybe just a card with some sugar-sweet words? I have been a Counsellor for many years and have […]

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Torridge to Start Cardboard & Electrical Item Doorstep Recycling

      Torridge District Council is introducing a cardboard and an electric item recycling collection service to 100% of households in the district. From April 1st this year, 100% of all Torridge residents – and not just those with green wheelie bins – will be able to recycle their cardboard. […]

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The Francis Inquiry – Absolutely Appalling

Nothing to do with Bude at all, but  a subject close to my heart and something to do with us all when such almighty failings within a service and a system are uncovered. It was absolutely sickening hearing about the catalogue of neglect (at best) and utter inhumanity which beset […]

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Batten Down the Hatches!

Road users in Devon and Cornwall are being advised to check the weather forecast and road conditions before travelling today and tomorrow with many areas expecting very windy weather. The Met Office has issued a weather warning, with winds gusts of 60-75mph expected to affect the western part of Devon […]

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