Castle’s Janine takes Bude to Brighton

Putting Bude’s heritage on the map, Janine King, Bude’s Heritage Development Officer, is giving a presentation on 3rd October, as part of a seminar being held at the Museums Association Conference in Brighton.

The theme of the conference is ‘Sustainable and Ethical Museums in a Globalised World’.  She has been asked to talk about how the Castle supports this through displays in The Heritage Centre and Café Limelight, which was also shortlisted for the Cornwall Heritage Environmental award earlier in the year.

She will also be talking about the work of A Greener Bude and how the Council has supported different initiatives, so not only is she The Castle, she will be representing Bude, too.


Janine said:

The seminar is called ‘Big ideas, small museums’.

In my presentation, I’ll be talking about the ‘all washed up display’ in the Heritage Centre which is aimed at teaching children how long man made materials take to biodegrade. It was installed when the Heritage Centre opened 12 years ago. Also, the interpretation boards about climate change.

The main focus will be on Café Limelight, the main initiatives being: banning  single-use plastic, that all take away packaging is biodegradable, offering free tap water refills, offering 40p off any hot drink if a customer provide an eco-cup or similar, focusing on food miles, and using Fairtrade products.

Also shop merchandise; phasing out plastic toys and replacing with wooden ones, stocking children’s books that have an environmental theme, and only offering paper bags to customers on request.

I will also be taking about some of the main initiatives of A Greener Bude and how BSTC have shown their support through their own environmental policies as well as work being done at The Castle. I  aim to show how what we are doing at the Castle supports Bude in its bid to become Britain’s greenest town.

The conference is the biggest of its kind in Europe,  and to be invited is very exciting, if a bit scary! The Museums Development Officer for Cornwall will be leading the seminar with one other person and myself giving presentations; as far as I know we will be the only representatives from Cornwall.

Another brilliant achievement for Bude. Sure Janine will wow them all.

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