Cases drop in Cornwall and Devon, including Bude and area

That interactive map has been updated again to 7 days ending 21st November.

Cornwall total cases down to 338 Devon overall down to 777 cases.

Torridge down to 49

Bude & Stratton, Poundstock and Kilkhampton, Crackington & Tintagel, Launceston, Camelford and Tresmeer, and Holsworthy, Bradworthy & Welcombe – fewer than 3 cases per area so data suppressed.

Lockdwn appears to have had an impact.

The Prime Minister has said:

While the data is beginning to improve, the virus is still prevalent, and the faster we drive it down the faster we can lift restrictions.

And that is exactly what these new tiers are designed to achieve.

While the previous tiers slowed the spread of the virus, they were never quite enough to cut the R below 1 and keep it there, so areas did not escape whatever level they were placed in.

Our new approach is designed to reduce R below 1, opening a path for areas to move down the scale, as soon as the situation improves.

And crucially, we now have the means to accelerate that moment of escape with rapid community testing, allowing anyone carrying the disease – including those without symptoms – to isolate, thereby reducing the R.

And the truth is that at least one in three people with Covid have no symptoms at all and may be spreading the disease without even knowing that they’ve got it.

The only way to identify them and protect everyone is through mass testing.

Liverpool shows what can be achieved.


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