Candidate for Bude-Stratton Town Council – Michael Dawe

As everyone should know by now, I have opened up the pages of Bude & Beyond for anyone standing for the local elections to tell people about themselves. Please email your piece and photo to to enjoy free access to our social reach. Our aim is simply to inform the voting public, not to push for any particular candidate or party, so all are welcome to use the site.

Today is the turn of Michael Dawe and this is what he says:

“Hi, I’m Michael Dawe and I’m planning to stand as an independent candidate in the Bude ward in the upcoming local elections. Many of you will know me, but for those who don’t, this is a brief outline of who I am, how I got here and why I think I would be a good choice to represent you on the Council.

I grew up in Bude. I’ve been the bored teenager with nowhere to go and nothing to do, I’ve been the twenty something struggling to save for a mortgage with low wages and high rental costs, I’ve been the thirty something starting a family and struggling to find affordable property to get on the ladder; now I’m the 40 something with kids in schools and retired parents.
Now I want to try and help others following in the same path, I want to be a voice for everyone, to make this community stronger, to bring people together, as we Cornish like to say “one and all”.
I work on the industrial estate for a local company with a presence on our high street and recognise the importance to the local community of having a thriving high street, open air markets and the wealth of lovely cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs available to us and would try to support them going forwards out of the pandemic and hopefully on into a brighter future for everyone.
I don’t have a manifesto but I am very keen for us to have a more symbiotic relationship with the environment and that would be at the forefront of my thinking when considering anything that came before the Council. I see children as our future, I want to leave the world a better place for them and as such I’m involved in local scouting as a Beaver leader working primarily with 6-8 year old’s but also helping out with the older groups from time to time.
With the current problems caused by the pandemic, I do have concerns about the mental health impact on everyone but particularly our younger folk and this is where groups like the Scouts or Sports clubs and organisations like Surf Life Saving Club and the various outdoor activity centres can play an important role going forwards. I was a member of some of these as a youngster and now my children are following suit and I have friends and family working within the sector. Supporting these kind of groups and clubs within our community will also be at the forefront of my thinking but I wont be forgetting the folk at the other end of the age spectrum; we’re all in this together and there’s room for all of us to enjoy everything that this lovely little corner of Cornwall has to offer.
I won’t promise to solve everything but I will promise to try, to listen to you, the people, to make decisions on each case’s individual merit.
I have no affiliation with any political party nor am I a member of any factions within our current council or any groups intending to stand candidates in these elections, I will be fully independent but if elected I will join with an open mind in the spirit of cooperation and a willingness to work with all other councillors for the good of the entire community.
So that’s me and a brief outline of what I will be standing for, the environment, mental health, child welfare and development and a thriving community; I want to be your voice, one and all of you.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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