Candidate for Bude-Stratton Town Council – Katie Goode

Today is the turn of Katie Goode, running for Bude ward on Bude and Stratton Town Council:

I’m Katie Goode, a working mother and Creative Director of a Bude-based, BAFTA nominated VR games studio. I’m an independent running for Town Council for Bude ward, with the support of Bude-Stratton Community Alliance. I’m running because I want to use my skills and experience to enable the general public to make their own decisions about the services and changes we want in Bude, and for them to be continuously updated with the progress and status of those issues.

Back in April 2017 there was a post here on Bude & Beyond that even though Bude-Stratton Town Council had 18 seats, only 12 people came forward to run for a position. That means that if only 12 stood then everyone who ran became councillor, without even the need to vote. That’s a really sorry state for democracy. It means that people didn’t have a choice and that the councillors wouldn’t feel accountable. Why would they need to try to listen if they can do what they want and still always get in because no one else ever stood?


When I read about Bude-Stratton Community Alliance on this site I immediately contacted them. It’s a super supportive group of individuals that give each other the confidence to run for public office. They made me aware that a Town Councillor can be a woman, can be a mother of a toddler, can be disabled or a business woman who still works. And I loved the idea of running for every seat to give people choice. A diverse range of independents, no parties, and each using our skills to support the rest of the alliance through the process of nomination, form filling, and canvassing. 

What I do in the BSCA is technical: assisting people, video editing, some social media support and project management – so keeping an eye on tasks and making sure to record every local issue that is raised by people we meet. 


I saw someone questioning the BSCA expenses because our media looks so good – that made me smile because it was all just the candidates’ own creative and technical skills! But also disappointed, because of the assumption that polished work isn’t able to be done locally. This is partly why it’s important for a diverse range of independents to run to get that range of skills and experience, creative thinking, amazing teamwork, and of course listening and learning about our community. Different ages, genders, backgrounds, some with generations born here and some moved here – retired, full time parents, teachers, bakers, shoe makers, and myself as a video game developer/software engineer. 


I obviously have a keen interest in technology and engineering but I’m very much also an artist. Games are a mixture of different art forms; graphics, 3D modelling, traditional pen and paper art, writing, music etc. I love seeing art and culture enriching people’s lives and I’m keen to explore the potential for creatives to improve Bude’s wellbeing. I want to support Bude artists in exploring and exporting Cornish culture, showcasing what Bude can offer. I’m really supporting in preserving and growing awareness of the Cornish language – as evident that my company produced the first PlayStation game to be fully playable in Kernewek. 

For the Bude-Stratton Community Alliance I’ve arranged and documented a database of +90 issues from the general public. From dog and horse poo, to road layout, accessibility for wheelchairs, and the climate emergency. It’s amazing how many issues are actually tightly linked to each other, how one little change can have so many positive effects on our community. As someone that problem solves, designs user experience and spaces, runs workshops, creates budgets and timelines – I’m spotting all sorts of ways we can help with many of these issues. 


As part of the South West Creative Technology Network I spent a year researching accessibility (due to my own disability) and I’m keen to use what I learnt and explore how we can make the physical layout of town, its services and the town council itself more accessible. I feel as though with an ageing population it’s going to be ever more critical to allow people to keep their independence and to at least allow them be safely on the pavement rather than being forced onto the road due to using a mobility scooter!


But when it comes down to it, being on the council is working with a lot of passionate people who don’t necessarily all agree. I would like to ensure that the council works more like a coordinated team that supports one another, which is managed, informed and directed by the general public. I’ve had that experience with working with a lot of passionate people from different backgrounds and very different opinions. As part of my job, I find common ground, what the root issues are, work together with experts to find solutions within budgets, and get an outcome which is best for everyone. I want to use my skills for Bude and to work with the public to get projects done.


I ask that you vote for myself and the other independents of the Bude-Stratton Community Alliance – but more critically, please register to vote and head out on May 6th to make that choice. Please ensure both our town and Cornwall Councillors accountable for the actions and choices they make on your behalf, with your taxes, with your name. Your vote makes it clear to them that they are being put into a position of trust and ultimately should answer and serve you.

Thank you for your time and thank you to Bude & Beyond for inspiring myself and allowing the space to introduce myself and allowing others to do so, too.


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