Can you provide a forever home for blind Nico?

By Alison Migliorini-Stubbs, via our Facebook page:

AMAZING people of Bude – I’m a foster mama for #spanielaiduk and this little one is currently in our care but now up for adoption.

Love to see him stay local – please read his gorgeous spec and requirements – could he fit into your world?

Little Nico is currently up for adoption. We’ve been fostering Nico for over 3 weeks now and he is so ready for his forever home. He has been shadowing our lives and working days, walking, canicrossing, meeting and greeting daily new guests and just continues to embrace every challenge thrown at him. He may be blind, from birth apparently, but there is such a zest for life in this fella.

Between us we’ve learnt words and actions to embellish how he manages being out, he now understands steps, objects, noises, I just talk more to him to explain the world around him and off he goes. He’s a smart puppy so he picks things up really easily and embraces any new experiences – totally blown away by his ability to thrive. He is also already better with his anxiety – he craves company and touch and has learnt to chill + understand his freedom. Been quite beautiful to see how he has flourished in these past few weeks.

So, I’d love to see him adopted locally knowing how much he has come to love the outdoor life on our doorstep. Do you have time to shower this boy with walks and affection for full-on loving and cuddles in return? If so, then please get in touch. I’m thinking someone who works from home, retired but still active could offer this boy a wonderful life – DM or call me on 0790 174 8351. #spanielaiduk


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