Can you help St Andrew’s to make sustainable changes?

This is by the Reverend at St Andrew’s, Stratton:

At St Andrew’s we are aware that our church building is and has been, a common place of worship for all those who live and work in this place called Stratton. This common place of worship has faithfully served past generations, draws us today to encounter God and will be here for those yet to be born.

We are all part of something bigger than ourselves, something that reaches both backwards and forward in time; our family, our country, our planet, our church. And each of us are stewards, with the responsibility of keeping the stories of the past and of living the present in a way that makes the future possible.

At St Andrews, we continue to explore ways in which we can repair damage done, live and act more sustainably and to get our carbon footprint down to zero by 2030. We are replanting one of our hedges with indigenous hedging to encourage wildlife, we will be using biodegradable oasis in our flower arrangements, we are changing our lighting to LED and use Fairtrade goods when serving refreshments. We are also highlighting and encouraging small steps that we can all make at home, such as reducing consumption and energy use, eating less meat and minimising our dependence on cars.

Similarly, we are conscious of all those who have worshipped here down the ages, those who worship here now, and those who will gather to worship God here in this place in future generations.

We are subtly changing our service books to make them more welcoming, accessible and relevant, whilst upholding our tradition, we are blessed by having FoStA (Friends of St Andrews) who support so much of our work, and we are seeking ways to reach out to our neighbours, offering facilities to meet each other’s needs. And of course, we are here for all those special occasions we celebrate as a community; Christenings, weddings, funerals, Christmas and next year the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

If you are to offer financial support in any way, please see ways in which you may do this listed below.
Meanwhile, if you are able to join us on our gift day, we would love to see you.

Donations for St Andrew’s can be given to the Vicar and churchwardens on GIFT DAY in church or by sending direct to St Andrew’s PCC by cheque to Rob Varley at Court House, Stratton, EX23 9DQ or BACS can also be used to 30-91-41 a/c 00694200 Ref Gift Day

An alternative is the JUST GIVING

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