Can you donate to The Pearl Exchange?

This fundraiser had a start last year, then faded away rather, but I am told it is still active and the money is still needed, so giving it another push as it has been a tough old year for fundraising.

Trev Plant is trying to raise £500 for The Pearl Exchange.

In the Crowdfunder appeal, he says:

The beloved daughter of Johnny and Rose Bamford sadly died in 2019, aged 19, and having supported her through her struggles they came to see how little there was in the “rural idyll” of North Cornwall to give hope and direction for Pearl’s generation.

Pearl’s death highlighted to them the need for an inspiring place where young adults and the wider community in North Cornwall can meet, share and support each other. A nurturing and dynamic place to be creative, develop interests, talents and confidence.

They want the The Pearl Exchange to be all this and more, helping to build connections with the young people and inspirational figures in the arts and creative world, while giving hope for a more positive fulfilling future.

With the money they raise through this fundraising they want to build a creative community hub where ideas knowledge and skills are exchanged and shared, empowering and helping through mentoring and nurturing young people into meaningful occupations and interests; finding ways to enrich their lives through creativity and re engaging young people back into the community from their ever increasingly isolated lives led on social media.

There has been huge support and interest in The Pearl Exchange. Incredible creative people have already expressed that they want be part of the project once it is up and running and many members of the community have seen the need and want to get involved in helping to make The Pearl Exchange Happen.

(The Pearl Exchange is now a registered CIC with Company House)

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