Can anyone explain Cornwall Council’s car parking structure?

I appreciate that parking costs money, but an hour in Bude, which leaves you little time to do anything, costs 70p, whereas a more realistic 1-2 hours costs £2.50. I mean, I for one won’t stop anywhere for shopping or refreshments if I am having to pay £2.50 in parking.

Overstay your 2 hours and it’s a massive rise to £4.30. A day at the beach would cost £6.70. That cuts into the ice creams! It also encourages people to park where they shouldn’t.

As for those working in seasonal jobs, often at minimal wage rates, does this really help as it drastically cuts into income levels? Why no local tariff?

I don’t feel the car parking tariff structure from Cornwall Council makes any sense,  but if anyone can explain it, then I’m happy to listen.


  • D Griffiths says:

    Excellent observation. It seems that it only costs 50p more to park a coach for 2 hours.

    This is not about fairness to visitors, shop owners or residents … it is purely revenue generation.
    Absolutely disgusting

  • Helen says:

    Absolutely disgusting! This will deter anyone from staying longer than stopping to go to the loos or buy a pasty and then move on! It’s obvious that Cornwall Council isn’t really concerned with encouraging tourism just milking it to the detriment of local inhabitants as well. Those of us who live in and around Bude still need to go into the town but maybe buying online with free delivery will become more and more attractive.

  • Keith White says:

    Back in the eighty you could get a resident car parking ticket Good old days

  • george daws says:

    They’d argue they need it to pay for housing but its just another tax and its evenly distributed between classes of people.No thresholds, charges for disabled and unemployed. Its a nasty way of taxing people.

  • Den says:

    In my opinion, Cornwall Council should at the very least explain the charge structure. The arrogance of these people is astounding. I await with interest to see who replies on behalf of Cornwall Council. I am equally interested to hear from one of our elected representatives. … all very silent.

  • Dietmar says:

    What will the income of parking really pay for ? Champagne lunches, wage rises ? 6 figure salaries ? It’s beyond funny, how Cornwall Council distributes OUR money. Please sign and share my petition.

  • Sarah says:

    In Guernsey where I’m lucky enough to be at the moment, parking is free, you have a little card clock that you set when you leave the car, some car parks are eight hours and then if you work you can leave all day, others have time restrictions, wouldn’t that be fabulous for all local residents of say Bude and Stratton?
    There is no car tax just heavier pricing on fuel, I realise wealth here is far greater than Bude. But wouldn’t it be lovely if the council looked after locals!

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