Call the Cops helps get the public onside with Devon & Cornwall Police

Appearing on TV has given the public a glimpse into Devon & Cornwall Police’s lives and it isn’t pretty.

Call the Cops On Channel 4 has brought home the problems of policing, including under-funding. The Chief Constable, meanwhile, calls upon members of the public to “lend a hand” if they see police officers “getting a kicking” and instead of filming incidents, “consider using the phone to call someone”

PC Sarah Harvey Roads Policing (Features in Episode 1)

I feel a need to watch it on catch up now here. Let us know your thoughts.

Here are some of the tweets about the programme:

PC Senior and Hughes – Response ( Feature heavily in Episode 1)

Paul: Absolutely gobsmacked – seen plenty of these documentaries but I’m still stunned at what you guys are dealing with and just how few of you there are, and that is truly criminal.

Jak: I remember doing a week’s work experience with the police 11 years ago and I absolutely loved it. Always had respect for them but #CallTheCops has taken it to a whole new level. Very important documentary showing the incredible job they do and just how stretched @DC_Police are.

Matt: Thanks to @optomen and @Channel4 for showing the reality of the serious challenges #policing faces…minute by minute, 24hrs of every day.

Nanna: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t realise what a busy job it was. Not just calls but trying to sort resources out. Keep up the good work.

Ryan: Well #CallTheCops was a very interesting watch this evening. It was really good to see the various stages of an incident from the eyes of those in the control room as well as those on the front line. Everyone at

@DC_Police is doing a fantastic job despite the challenges they face.
Tasha: Hats off to all your staff for the professionalism shown when dealing with the abusive behaviour. Human nature must make it very hard to maintain the professional standards.
Ali: It was great, eye-opening and what was evident is lack of numbers on the force and the area covered with a few officers. Well done D&C Police.

PC Ollie Abercrombie & Joey Falke Response (Coastal shot –PC Ollie Abercrombie & Joey Falke Response (Feature in Episodes 1 & 2)




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